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Self-Care Or Self- Indulgence By Nikka P. on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Have you ever been curious as to what chakras actually are?  And how are they significant in your life?  Let’s start from the beginning, with a quick & simple introduction of your first chakra, your Root chakra. Here is an easy overview of the main facts regarding your root chakra, and how it serves as the true key to unlocking the strong energy & power rooted inside of you!


What is my root chakra?

Your root chakra, Muladhara, is the first of seven energy centers in the body beginning at the tailbone, and continuing to the crown of the head. The root chakra is your base and your anchor. The first chakra is red and is located at the base of the spine. Earth is the element of the first chakra. This chakra is our physical identity and primal instinctual nature. This root chakra is the base or anchor and/of the chakras, and therefore a prerequisite for the rest of the chakras.


Why is it important?

Our root chakra is the foundation of expansion in your life, as well as the first building block of a beautiful masterpiece. When building a house, one always starts with the foundation, or base. This is reflective of your energy systems. Your root chakra is your sense of security, survival, and safety. Things like food, shelter, and money. When our root chakra is balanced we act from a space of trust and courage. When is it out of balance we may feel insecure and or fear for our safety and security. Our childhood and ancestry is rooted in this chakra. Isn’t it imperative to feel safe and secure in order to grow and flourish?


What can I do to balance it?

One of my favorite ways to balance my root chakra is to clean! Yep, good old-fashioned cleaning. Something about getting down to the matter, scrubbing and sweeping is so grounding for me and helps me connect to my root chakra. Other ways to connect to this first chakra include wearing red, eating red foods such as apples or beets, as well as other plants derived directly from the ground like carrots, radishes, & potatoes. This could also provide new opportunities to enjoy cooking your own healthy food, and spending time in nature. Spend some time imagining your feet grounding down, sending roots from the soles of your feet, down into the earth, truly rooting down into your space feeling secure, & grounded. This can help you connect to your root chakra, as well as earth-rooted activities such as walking barefoot in nature. If you wish to meditate, you can practice visualizing the color red or repeat a mantra like:

I am safe
I am supported
I am at peace
I have what I need
I trust myself


Some of my favorite yoga poses for grounding the root chakra are Vrkasana Tree; visualizing growing deep strong roots into the earth.  Virabhadrasana Warrior One; to feel courageous and unstoppable.  Balasana Child’s Pose; to feel calm, connected and supported.  Finally, Savasana; focusing on letting go and completely relaxing.


I hope you find ways to connect to your root chakra today, creating a groundwork for you to evolve, blossom, and thrive!







Author: Nikka P.

Photo via ShutterStock


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Nikka P.
Nikka is a yoga instructor, yoga therapist, and a dancer. After graduating from UW Milwaukee with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Somatics, the mind-body connection, she packed her car and headed west to Los Angeles where she currently lives and teaches. She has taught yoga for over 11 years and continues to study the art of healing through yoga at LMU. Nikka specializes in teaching yoga to people in recovery, senior citizens, children, as well as children with special needs and on the spectrum. In addition, she loves to teach vinyasa flow, fun creative workouts, family yoga, dance classes, and healing restorative yoga. When Nikka is not teaching she enjoys, modeling, choreographing and going to the beach.

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