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Handstand By Brianna R. on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I recently traveled to Phuket, Thailand to attend Sarva Rasa Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with teachers Selena Garefino and Anwar Gilbert.  I have had it in my heart to become a yoga teacher for many years, so I was beyond excited to finally fulfill this dream!


After landing in Phuket, my first impression was that it was way too hot and humid!  That soon faded, because the beauty of Phuket shines so much brighter!  Living in LA, I am not exposed to the amount of greenery and colorful flowers as I was while I was there.  The early morning sunrises over the ocean were one of my favorite views.


Our teacher training was held at Mangosteen Resort and Ayurveda Spa in Rawaii, Phuket.  It was a beautiful property with 5-star rooms and service.  For lunch and dinner, the chef prepared us Ayurvedic meals.  The food was vegan, super healthy, and mostly delicious, but it did get monotonous after the first 10 days, so I started ordering seafood and traditional Thai dishes off the restaurant menu. Since staying at an Ayurvedic Spa, I received a free consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor.  During the appointment, I filled out a dosha questionnaire to help determine if I was Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.  The results: strong Pitta and Vata.


The teacher training was such a mind-blowing experience; literally, my mind was blown with all the incredible information that it was fed!


I was there with seven other students from all over the world. Selena and Anwar were THE best teachers I could ever ask for, and exceeded all expectations. The way they taught had me feeling confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared to be the best yoga teacher I could be, once I returned back to LA.


It was an intense 16 day 200-hour teacher training. The key word being INTENSE!! Although one could get overwhelmed with the long days, I felt very chill and excited throughout the entire process which kept my spirits high, even during challenging times.


Here is what a typical day looked like: 

  • 5:30am wake up
  • 6:00am group sunrise meditation, journaling, review & questions on material covered day before
  • 8:00am breakfast buffet
  • 9:00am asana
  • 10:30am asana discussions, lectures
  • 12:00pm lunch
  • 1:00pm more lectures, practice teaching
  • 7:00pm dinner
  • 8:30pm study, do homework
  • 11:00pm sleeeeeeep!!!



Our lectures included anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, personal and professional development, philosophy, asana, and meditation.  Like I said, it was INTENSE, but I honestly loved the way that we were taught.  Being that it was a small group, we were able to ask more questions and even discuss in greater detail on certain topics.  From Day 1 to Day 16, I felt so much growth in my yoga practice and yoga teaching.  And on a more personal note, I feel as if this was a self-care/self-love experience that helped me grow more in all areas of mind, body, and soul.



After YTT, I stayed a few extra days to create more unforgettable memories in Phuket.  I visited an elephant sanctuary where I was able to feed and bathe rescued elephants, and I took a boat day trip to the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands.  Phuket was so special to me, and I wish I could have stayed even longer.  I miss the breathtaking sunrises, the sounds of nature during asana, the amazing people that I developed friendships with, and mango sticky rice.  I don’t miss getting bitten by mosquitos multiple times a day, so be sure to wear lots of bug spray if you plan on visiting.



Since being home, I have done one-on-one yoga sessions with family, friends, and new and current clients.  I gain more confidence and comfort every time I teach.  I love being a student of my craft, so I continue to study and research all areas of yoga even post-training.  I am so excited for what is to come. I love to train.  I love to teach yoga.  It’s an amazing feeling waking up to do what I love and share that passion with others!


Be sure to book me on the HandstandApp for not only various training sessions, but now yoga as well 🙂







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Brianna R.

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