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New Fitness Trends By Mary D. on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Typical work day scenario: your eyelids start to feel a little heavier, you click refresh on your emails & glance at the clock thinking it’s about time to wrap the day up, then you realize…it’s only an hour or two past lunch.  You’ve been hit with the dreaded afternoon slump, & the struggle is all too real.  How are you supposed to continue to actually be productive & bring all of your best self for the rest of the day?  Take these steps & kick that afternoon energy suck!


1. Start your day off right!
Some mornings it seems impossible to pull together a healthy breakfast & it’s easier to just grab a doughnut from the office kitchen once you sail into work. This rush from this initial sugar load will give you a temporary boost of energy but will quickly send you crashing into heavy eyelid central. Not only will a low protein, high sugar breakfast make you crash, but it will also make you feel hungrier, which will then lead you to eat an unhealthy, over-sized lunch, compounding the sleepiness factor.  Don’t fall victim to a bowl of sugar masquerading as a breakfast cereal; rather plan ahead!


Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to prep these oh so satisfying peanut butter oats.  Voila, wake up & enjoy! (Sub any nut-butter for peanut if you prefer) (



2. SIP UP!
Much of the time when we think we’re hungry or tired, we’re actually thirsty.  Dehydration can cause fatigue, & leave us feeling listless and distracted, manifesting itself into a difficulty focusing, and a lack of alertness.


If water is boring to you, go to your local health food store and peruse the tea aisles, from energy boosting tangerine, & stress taming lavender, to classic antioxidant-rich, green tea; there’s a bevy of fun flavors & desirable benefits. However, if tea isn’t your thing, we’ve still got you covered! Try bringing a container, or Ziploc bag of frozen blueberries, raspberries, oranges, etc, and throw some into each glass of water throughout the day.  Stay hydrated, give yourself a boost of flavor, color, vitamins & antioxidants and feel each cell become energized & quenched!



Pump up the jamz!  Keep headphones at your desk and when you start to feel yourself nodding off, plug into some invigorating, high energy music.  Play the playlist you use at the gym, or with your trainer when you really want to take things to another level.  That same trigger that brings you the energy to power through that last set, or mile, will translate into your work.  Listen to music that makes you feel empowered, happy, & unstoppable!



Whether it’s mental or physical energy you’re using up, bodies require calories to keep going! We almost all get the urge to graze mid to late afternoon, sometimes it’s because we’re hungry, & sometimes it’s because we’re just tired, or bored, & looking for a way to reward ourselves for getting through the rest of the workday. Therefore, if you know you always succumb to your sweet tooth mid-afternoon, arm yourself by planning ahead! Sundays (or any free time you can squeeze in) are for meal prep!


Prep a healthy, high protein, sweet snack at home to bring to work, instead of reaching for those stale office cookies or hitting up the vending machine. Scarfing a chocolate bar or bag of chips will send your glycemic levels skyrocketing only to send you crashing once again.
Go ahead and do your healthy-self a favor by whipping up these drool-worthy high protein, refined sugar-free, but OH-SO-SWEET, Strawberry Bliss Bites and kick that sugar craving to the curb!


Recipe here:(



Ok, clearly not literally…but take a walk, get out of the office if you can & switch up your scenery to re-energize. Grab a co-worker and go pick up a juice, tea, or coffee together. It’s not the amount of time that matters, it’s just the physical & mental shift in the elements.  Fluorescent lights, the drone of the air conditioner, & the same desktop view will make even the best day seem monotonous.


Research shows that walking is a helpful method of fighting fatigue, & boosts energy levels, as well as natural light. If your job, or the weather prevents you from going outside, walk around your space, the point is to get the blood pumping & clear away any cobwebs or stagnant energies that have accumulated. Stand up & shake em off!





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Mary D.

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