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New Hype in Wellness By Mary D. on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We all know there are tons of benefits of engaging in vigorous, sweaty workouts on the regular. It’s great for body, mind & soul. From building muscle, increasing stamina & endurance, lowering blood pressure & stress, to reveling in all those post-workout feel good endorphins, there are a plethora of positives to an intense workout! But if all that still isn’t enough for you, here’s a couple more cherries to add on the cake: extra glowy skin and extra healthy, faster-growing hair! Check out my 3 reasons how here!


1. Sweating helps control breakouts!

When you get a facial & the esthetician steams your face, it’s to open the pores to aid in the extraction of trapped dirt and oil. Breaking a solid sweat is like giving yourself a mini-facial. When you sweat, your pores dilate & sweat releases, clearing out that trapped dirt & oil along with it. It’s important to start your sweat sesh with a clean face however, because if you have makeup on your skin and your pores dilate, the makeup is going to enter into your pores more readily and when the pores close back up, little molecules of makeup will be left inside which can lead to congested skin, & breakouts.

Stash some makeup removing cloths in your bag to cleanse pre-workout & swipe a facial cleansing pad across your face post-workout to remove any excess sweat or bacteria & minimize clogged pores. Working out also helps the regulation and production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) & DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which are testosterone dependent hormones, directly linked with the causation of acne.


2. Glow up!

Exercise also encourages skin repair through the increased blood flow delivering nutrients that help to repair sun & free radical damage. Vigorous workouts amp up your circulatory system by opening up the tiny arteries in your skin giving you that rosy, healthy, “fit flush” & allowing a greater increase of blood to the surface of the skin to repair & nourish. Exercise also triggers endorphins that cause you to feel happy. Runner’s high anyone? So in addition to putting a smile on your face (happiness is attractive!), all the increased breathing will add extra oxygenation to your skin & give you that healthy, happy glow.


3. Stronger, faster-growing locks!

Just like exercise brings increased blood flow to the skin giving it added nutrients & circulatory benefits, the same goes for the scalp! When you partake in a heart pounding, sweat inducing workout, your scalp reaps the benefits too. That extra blood flow to your scalp gives the hair follicles extra nourishment & oxygen which will keep them functioning properly & encourage strong, healthy, hair growth. Lastly, we already know that working out is a proven stress reliever, & since stress is a common cause of hair loss, lower that stress & lengthen that hair! Problem meet Solution!





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Mary D.

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