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Beauty Relating to Wellness By Erik R. on Friday, December 1, 2017

As a Rokiskyfitness reader, you know that sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to health and body composition. Put simply, when you sleep less than seven hours in a night, you are increasing your risk for every disease including weight gain.  Over the last month, I have written a couple blog posts on sleep and its impact on your hunger.  In both posts, I showed how a lack of sleep can increase your meal frequency, and increase the calories consumed from snacks. To reduce the risk of this happening, the best time to fall asleep would be between the hours of 8 and 11 pm, with more benefits pertaining to weight reduction when falling asleep closer to 8pm.


Adopting a better sleep schedule will help you reduce your overall calorie intake due to decreased meal frequency and snacking.  Remember, the easiest way to gain weight is through an increased number of meals and snacks.  The majority of snacks don’t fill you up but are still calorie dense, which means you consume an abundance of calories without even realizing it.


Recently, I learned that one of my clients was consuming two to three sodas a day with a Snickers candy bar.  On average, a 12oz soda will have 150 calories and a candy bar 200 calories.  By drinking three sodas and having one Snickers, you will have consumed 650 calories and 143 grams of sugar!  This sugar amount is 105.5 grams over the recommended amount by the American Heart Association.  My client is not alone in this behavior.  Based on the What We Eat In America (WWEIA) 2007-2008 survey, snacking has doubled in the last 30 years and now accounts for around 586 calories in men and around 421 calories for women.  Over those same 30 years, our sleep quality has decreased due to increased light exposure through televisions, phones, and laptops.  This leads me to believe that there is a link between decreased sleep quality and snacking behaviors.


As you can see, poor snacking habits can add up quickly and be costly to one’s health.  Not only are you consuming extra calories, but the majority of those calories are empty and aren’t needed by the body.  Generally speaking, your body could survive perfectly fine, if not better, without the snacking.  Unfortunately, increasing your sleep will not fix your snacking habit overnight, but it should make it easier to adhere to a healthier snacking habit. You have two options:


1)  Go cold turkey 

2) Use moderation to reduce your snacking slowly each week.  


You can control snacking with moderation or with abstinence, you just have to find what works best for you.  I prefer the abstinence approach due to my all or nothing mindset, but I am slowly working on my moderation too.  I think it is a wise idea to practice the things that you struggle with, but at the same time knowing your limits helps you avoid walking on that thin ice.  Regardless of the style you use, the only way you will be successful is through discipline and the ability to delay gratification.  Of course, at first it will be challenging, but in a couple weeks to a month’s time it will feel more natural and be easier to adhere to.   Give it 30 days and trust me, you will feel better!




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Erik R.
Erik Rokisky, founder of Rokisky Fitness, began his personal training career at the early age of 19. Since then he has gained numerous certifications and testimonials. The most prominent certification being his bachelor’s degree from the college of Health and Human Performance at East Carolina University. His methods for training are based on countless hours of research detailing nutrition, strength & conditioning, gymnastics, and kettlebells. Erik’s passion is in helping others obtain the realization they have the ability to grow stronger physically and mentally with commitment, hard work, and education.

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