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Debunking (Myths or Tips) By Erik R. on Monday, November 13, 2017

In my six years as a personal trainer, I have found resistance training to be a key factor in weight loss. Resistance training aka lifting weights or your own body weight increases muscle growth and is the most effective way to lose body fat.


Walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical for 45 minutes a day will only get you so far in terms of fat loss.  And no, increasing your cardio to an hour or an hour and a half won’t do much either.  Yes, you are burning calories and it will lead to weight loss if you pair it with a healthy diet.  But here’s the thing, every time you perform steady state cardio you are going to burn fewer and fewer calories for two reasons.


First, the body is designed to conserve as many calories as possible so that it has energy to survive.  It does this through burning fewer calories each time you perform the same exercise over and over again (i.e walking on a treadmill or elliptical).  In order to bypass this survival trait you must perform exercises that are inefficient to the body.  Two of my favorite are sprints and resistance training.   The body adapts much slower to these types of exercises due to their complexity and effects on muscle growth. Granted, you will still have to change your exercises, but that can be as simple as increasing the weight or running faster.  Put simply, you want to perform exercises that require a higher intensity and variability.  This style of training will increase fat loss to a greater extent versus steady state cardio.


Second, consistent resistance training is the only thing that will actually build muscle, whereas steady state cardio won’t.   In fact, in some people it might even lead to a loss of muscle mass due to the SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands).  In essence, your body should adapt to whatever stimulus it receives.  And in the case of steady state cardio, you are telling your body that it doesn’t need muscle mass to survive.  It’s common knowledge that the body doesn’t need an abundance of muscle mass to run a long distance, just look at elite distance runners vs sprinters.


The body’s ability to adapt is the reason for the difference of body types.  The SAID principal will determine the outcome from your training program.  If your goal is to lose body fat then you should adhere to a resistance training principle.  Now, I am not saying you need to go to the gym every day, but you should lift at least two to three times a week with a focus on compound movements like: deadlifts, pushups, squats, rows and presses.  Keep it simple, and stay consistent. 





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Erik R.
Erik Rokisky, founder of Rokisky Fitness, began his personal training career at the early age of 19. Since then he has gained numerous certifications and testimonials. The most prominent certification being his bachelor’s degree from the college of Health and Human Performance at East Carolina University. His methods for training are based on countless hours of research detailing nutrition, strength & conditioning, gymnastics, and kettlebells. Erik’s passion is in helping others obtain the realization they have the ability to grow stronger physically and mentally with commitment, hard work, and education.

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