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New Hype in Wellness By Handstand Sr. Editor - Mary on Monday, February 5, 2018

Sunny, thanks for taking the time to share with all of us here in the Handstand & Fitness community! We’re excited to get to know more about you! Let’s get started…



Editor:  What is Meditation & how does it equate to freedom?

Sunny:  Meditation to me is the door to oneself.  I believe the more we come to the self the more liberation we are granted.  Very simply.  The true essence of our being is Love, Love is to be free.  We are supposed to live by that, to live freely.




Editor:  What inspired your meditational journey, & how long have you been practicing?

Sunny:  I once had a mentor named RA.  I was about 22 years young when RA introduced me to meditation. My first time meditating I could remember hearing this voice stating “I Am Everything” & in that moment I felt a connection to myself and life like never before.  I’ve been meditating for about 6+ years now and have witnessed prosperous changes in all areas of my life.




Editor:  Did you have any preconceived notions or ideas about what meditation is, prior to your own practice?

Sunny:  Oh yes, most definitely.  Honestly, I had more fears than anything.  I thought I was gonna see evil, dark and scary things that I grew up hearing about.  Though I’ve always known that all the greats had a practice of meditation so something deep within me knew it was the way.




Editor:  As humans, we seem naturally predisposed to be hyper-aware of “time”.  You have an interesting & fresh perspective on time; can you share?

Sunny:  From my perspective, time can either be your greatest of friends or your worst enemy.  Particularly when relating time to the mind.  Believing time only exists in our minds, which makes time relative.  Just another structure of assistance to be utilized.




Editor:  You say “Fear” is a disease, & that it pollutes our Divine Right..that’s got some weight to it!  Can you elaborate more on this? What is our Divine Right?

Sunny:  I believe our Divine Right is to live an abundant life and to bring Heaven on earth for all people. Fear is a disease.  It’s an infestation that wants to impersonate the light and be as real as life for which we are.  Fear is to be overcome every time.  The more we face our fears the more liberation we all are granted.




Editor:  You’ve designed a 7 Chakra meditation based upon a 7 day Cycle. Can you share with us a little bit about it?

Sunny:  I felt it was so simple.  There are 7 days in a week.  7 chakras.  One week is one cycle.  Feeling everything is in circulation. Feeling everything also has to contrast the darkness from the light.  You have Monday the day of the moon.  Which is the bottom of the cycle and then you have Sunday the day of the Sun which is at the summit.  Each day focuses on a chakra.  And I truly believe if you meditate on one chakra a day in accordance you will experience a more harmonious life and feel more balanced and wholesome as well.




Editor:  One of my favorite quotes from you is this: “If you come to the idea of nothing, you make yourself available to everything.”  In a society where there’s a constant influx of needs & demands, how does one incorporate, & take ownership of this concept?

Sunny:  3 things I feel I’d like to share to help people achieve this:

1st)  Meditation.. go as far or better yet as close inwardly as possible.

2nd)  Let go of anything that you are aware of in your life that doesn’t beget more life and love to you and from you.

3rd)  The Imagination is so important because in this constant influx in which you speak of, we lack a huge amount of imagination.  It’s almost as if we can’t see… you have to be willing and able to rid your mind of old constructs.  Refuse limitations, and share the best of love with yourself first.  We are all made for greatness..the imagination is where it’s at.




Editor:  Meditation, Sleep, & Laughter you say are three of the greatest medications.  Do you feel that these are the attributes our society is currently lacking the most, & how do we as a whole, place more importance on them?

Sunny:  Absolutely! We all could use more meditation, sleep, and laughter in our daily lives.  As for meditation, I feel there’s nothing to it but to do it and without knowing may be the best way to start as well if I may say so. Sleep is a necessity I don’t care what anyone says… if you don’t enjoy sleeping, you may not enjoy life or laughter; this goes without saying.  It’s definitely about being in the present moment.  Any laughter without a doubt is raising the frequency of your vibration.




Editor:  The term “Breath” is widely used in meditational, yogic conversations & philosophy.  You believe that “Breath” is our only true job; can you elaborate on this more?

Sunny:  Breath is the cycle of life. Everything you see and feel is breathing. Whether you know it or not…Everything has life within it.  We’re all here on earth doing one thing in common… breathing.  I always say breath is Life… Life is Love..  and Love the intelligence that wants to live through us.




Editor:  Vibrational Frequency is another buzzy word within the community; can you explain a little bit about what it is, & how we can raise our frequency?

Sunny:  Vibration would describe your state of being.  Frequency, I believe is somewhat of a term that has to do with the statistical analysis of the vibration of something.  Ultimately everything is energy.  To raise your vibration you have to let go and make yourself available.  When you let go of what is needed to be let go of, you begin to remember what is essential, what is necessary.




Editor:  Another favorite quote from you during our conversations has been “The Soul doesn’t play the game, the Soul orchestrates the game.” I love that! Can you break it down for our readers?

Sunny:  I could break it down, but that would take away from it.  Whenever the individual is ready they will understand that concept. 




Editor:  People have come to you asking if you can help them achieve a level of meditation that will allow them to manifest the material things that they want.  What is your advice & response to this request?

Sunny:  I see nothing wrong with accumulating things as a reflection of the wealth that’s within all of us, though that’s not where I am of greatest assistance.  I Am to bring the individual to the awareness of their vibrational being so they can achieve self-liberation first and foremost, and then we can enjoy and appreciate the things that we can acquire.




Editor:  What does “Connectivity” mean to you, & how do we as a culture, achieve more of it?

Sunny:  I feel and believe that there is no separation from you to anyone or anything.  If you tune inward and the more tune inward you will soon begin to understand that life within you is within everything you see as well. Once again I feel as a culture we all need more meditation together.  Unity is the key.  Love is the answer.  The imagination is the facilitation.. we have to be willing to utilize the imagination more to create and achieve.




Editor:  How do you stay “Light as a Feather”?

Sunny:  Self-mastery.  Practicing/Cultivating Spirit, Body, Mind.  Constantly letting go.  Constantly reminding myself that I know nothing and living in the infinite moment as much as possible.  Oh yes and a lot of Meditation.




Editor:  You state that one “Can’t have one foot in & one foot out”…What advice do you have for people that are struggling to fully commit to their dreams & aspirations?

Sunny:  My greatest advice is to just jump… let go.  Anything you do working towards your dreams is plenty.  If we never give an effort we will never know the capabilities of our potential.  One foot in, one foot out, is too in between.  Instead of giving 50% of energy to who you are and what you do… why not give 100%.  Place both feet in and completely surrender to the supreme version of yourself.




Editor:  You’re creating a new and very exciting, innovative, & groundbreaking event called a Flashmob Mediation, & it’s coming to the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade on February 22 @ 11:11am!  Can you share with us a little bit about the meaning behind this incredible movement & how people can join in!

Sunny:  One day in meditation I envisioned an idea of bringing stillness to the most busiest and loudest of places.  As I was walking in Santa Monica and came across the third street promenade, something told me to have a seat.  So in the middle of the busy street, I meditated for about half an hour.  After that experience very simply it all started to come to me and it was of divine execution. So as of now I’m just sharing the day/time/location to as many people as possible and sharing the information with as many companies and movements as well.  They can reach out to me directly in email on Facebook: SunnyDilinger or Instagram: @SunnyDilinger.   All I can say is if you’re available, come mob with us and help us bring more awareness to unity, community and ultimately Love.  All Love in Always.



Flashmob Meditation








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Handstand Sr. Editor - Mary
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