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Handstand By Christa S. on Monday, December 4, 2017

Christa, thanks for taking the time to share with all of us here in the Handstand & Fitness community!  We are excited to get to know more about you! Let’s Get Started…



Editor:   You have a vast array of interests in the health & fitness community, & living in Los Angeles, you’re surrounded by awesome new fitness trends! Are there any fresh workouts that you’ve recently tried & loved (or hated)?

Christa:  Not too long ago, I actually tried a heated spinning class.  I LOVE spin, but am pretty heat averse, so I did it to challenge myself and a challenge it WAS! I almost didn’t make it through because of the heat, but I’m too competitive with myself to stop, so I pushed through those 55 minutes, but they won’t be seeing me again, LOL!





Editor:   You mention you love hiking; luckily Los Angeles has some of the best hiking spots in the nation! What are some of your personal fave LA trails & do you ever integrate hiking into your clients’ training?  

Christa:  My favorite trails are really any of them over at Griffith Park.  I have one trail there that is my go-to, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.  I like it there because most of the trails are very peaceful with not a lot of people around. I have incorporated hikes with client workouts before! I like it because we both end up getting a workout and I add in a few extra strength moves along the way to up the ante!





Editor:   You state that you believe one can be empowered in every aspect of their lives by taking control of their health. Health is such a multi-faceted concept, what would be your #1 piece of empowering advice for someone who has gotten off track & doesn’t know where to start?

Christa:  Just start somewhere! Even if you can only get in a twenty-minute walk around the park.  Just start and don’t worry about all the “rules”.  Just focus on getting your body moving again in some form and then go from there!





Editor:   We all have that special something inside of us that sets us apart & make us unique.  What’s your “special sauce”?

Christa:  I take a whole approach to training.  For me it’s ALWAYS more than just counting reps and sets.  I take the time to get to know my clients on a personal level and what really makes them tick because that ultimately helps me design the best possible workouts tailored to them and their personality.





Editor:   What is your personal favorite motto, quote, or strategy, for staying strong, positive & fearless?

Christa:  My favorite strategy is to always look within and check in with myself frequently. I do this through meditation, journaling, and positive self-talk.





Editor:   What attracted you to Handstand & what is your favorite aspect of being a Handstand Trainer?

Christa:  I loved the concept of training on demand.  Having a platform that takes the workout to the consumer to make it easier for them to get in a workout session is brilliant.  I love the sense of really feeling like a family with Handstand.  From the very start, the management team has been SO positive, professional and supportive.





Editor:   Growing up, who was someone who truly inspired you, & why?

Christa:  My mother hands down! One of the strongest and most fearless people I know.  She was a single mother, but I never felt like I was in a single parent household ever.  She seemed to somehow always be everywhere at once, I always felt supported 100% and she also made sure she had time to tend to her own wants and needs as well.  So that mix of caring for me and my sisters and not neglecting herself was a key lesson I got to learn!





Editor:   In order to grow, physically, mentally, & spiritually, it’s often necessary to leave our comfort zone.  What does the area outside of your comfort zone look like?

Christa:  I try my best to live my life outside of what feels easy and comfortable as much as possible. The area outside of my comfort zone feels powerful.





Editor:   It’s easy to find oneself stuck in a rut, doing the same activities, training the same way, day in & day out. How do you keep things fresh & ensure that you’re continuously growing & evolving?

Christa:  I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself.   For instance, if I’m not feeling going to the gym to do a workout, I will instead go outdoors or even do a workout in my apartment. I tend to go with what is moving me and how I feel on a regular basis to help me not slip into a rut so easily.  So checking in daily helps me with that.





Editor:   If there’s one piece of advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be?

Christa:  Don’t care so much about what people will think of you.  Most of the time they aren’t even thinking of you in the way you imagine they are in the first place. So, as long as you’re not harming anyone, do your thing and block out what other people “might” be thinking.





Editor:   What’s your favorite “Cheat Meal”?

Christa:  I really don’t like the term “cheat meal”.  I personally feel like it carries a negative connotation to it and I don’t like to associate negativity when I think about something I love as much as food! LOL! I call them indulgent meals and that’s tough, I don’t really have one.  It’s whatever I might be craving.  Some things I enjoy are vegan pizza from Blaze and vegan donuts from Donut Friend!





Editor:   What does true success mean for you personally?

Christa:  Waking up excited each day and feeling completely fulfilled with how your life looks both personally and professionally.





Editor:   As a trainer, it’s easy to focus on the physical practice of training; do you engage in any type of a spiritual practice to help you balance mind, body & soul (i.e. meditation, visualization, affirmations, gratitude journaling, etc.)?

Christa:  Yes, as I touched on earlier, I do meditate, journal and read inspirational books.





Editor:   What does balance mean to you, and how do you achieve it?

Christa:  Balance to me means being fulfilled in every aspect of your life.  I think you achieve balance by taking special care to attend to each one.





Editor:   If there was a fire & you only had time to grab 3 things (outside of humans & pets) what would those 3 items be, & why?

Christa:  Laptop (truly my lifeline), phone (ditto the first and my way to contact family and friends), and my phone charger (gotta keep the items charged up), I’d probably be able to grab the laptop charger as well, since I keep them in the same place!





Editor:   What encouragement & advice do you have for that busy mom/dad, student, full-time employee, who’s on a budget but still strives to be healthy & fit? (Sidenote: Handstand offers many tiers of personalized, on-demand training, starting at just a few bucks per week/month—always a great place to start)!!

Christa:  I would tell them to think about the workouts they enjoy doing and then find ways to execute them at little to no cost and there are TONS!  For instance, if they want to do some full body training, they could easily do that from home for free and log on to YouTube and find so many workouts they can easily do. Also, weather permitting, getting outdoors and just moving is always free and always available!





Editor:   What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Christa:  As mentioned before, Stop worrying about what people think of you.





Editor: If you had a magic wand & could change ONE thing in the whole world, what would it be?

Christa:  At this moment, the current president.





Editor:   What does self-care mean for you, & how do you indulge & recharge after a long day, or week? It means taking time to do the things that make you feel good on a regular basis.  

Christa:  As for me, it honestly depends on the day.  The ways I indulge and recharge change on a regular basis, but I always make time for myself. One thing I do on a regular basis is get my gel manicures!





Editor:   No matter how hard we try, or how positive we strive to remain, sometimes life gives us lemons.  How do you personally turn those lemons into lemonade; i.e. how do you handle disappointment?

Christa:  I take time to be thankful for all that IS going right and reflect on the ways I’ve overcome disappointment in the past.  Also, I remind myself that this too shall pass!










Editor:   Encountering roadblocks in life that come between us and our goals is inevitable, & it’s important to push through these roadblocks, but that’s easier said than done.  What are some roadblocks that you’ve encountered along the way, & how did you push through them?

Christa:  Just trying to grow a training business and build a brand always comes with challenges.  My tactic is to take each day or challenge at a time and know that it’s part of the process.  





Editor:   How do you start each morning? Do you have any specific routines or tricks to set a positive tone & prep for your day?

Christa:  I try to make time, even if only 5 minutes to either read an inspirational passage from a book, breathe and meditate or journal.





Editor:   If you had a spirit animal, what would it be, & why?

Christa:  Dog, because, c’mon! I love affection, to play, eat and sleep! LOL!





Editor:   What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Christa:  However I feel like spending it in the moment.  As long as what I’m doing is making me happy is my only requirement for days off.





Editor:   What is your greatest personal challenge/weakness & how do you keep it in check?

Christa:  Patience. I always want things in the moment, I keep it in check by reminding myself that life seldomly works on my own time clock, so I just tell myself to do the work and the outcome I seek will come.





Editor:   As a personal trainer, part of your job is to bring high levels of energy & positivity to your clients; even when you’re having a bad day. How do you overcome your own frustrations, & ensure that you show up fully for your clients?

Christa:  I take time to breathe, meditate and self-talk beforehand.  It actually helps to train clients when I’m having a bad day because I am there to focus on someone else’s needs and it takes my mind off my own challenge during that time.





Editor:   Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Christa:  I see myself with a thriving fitness business, with online programs, speaking engagements, fitness events, moving in a way that allows me to serve the most people I can and help them live their best lives possible. I know, very Oprah sounding, but it’s truly my passion.





Editor:   What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Christa:  It’s hard for me to name just one, but I would say I’m most proud of all the moments where I’ve gone after what I wanted to do and did it fearlessly.





Editor:   What is the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received, or that you hear other trainers tell their clients that drives you crazy?

Christa:  There isn’t anything that stands out to me here on the advice piece. I will say generally what drives me crazy is any trainer that puts clients into all one category.  Each person has different needs and should be handled accordingly.





Editor: As a trainer, you spend the majority of your time discussing & analyzing your clients’ health & fitness goals; what are some of your personal goals in relation to your own health & fitness?

Christa:  My personal goals are to just continue challenging myself on a regular basis.  To never get comfortable in my fitness routine and continue trying new things.







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Christa S.

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