Handstand Trainer of the Day: Litz

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Litz

Meet Litz!

Results-driven; Certified Trainer; Yoga Instructor; 

Sweet; Energetic; Inspirational;

on Handstand

1. What's a piece of advice would you give someone who's looking to shed some holiday weight in the New Year?

I recommend that you start with a cleanse in 2016 to detoxify and reset your metabolism.  Dr. Mark Hyman's "The ultra simple diet" is proven to yield results and it's nutritionally balanced.  Once you curve your sugar and caffeine cravings and eliminate allergens you can start a workout program that includes strength training and high intensity interval which helps to release human growth hormone (HGH). That's your youth hormone for repair and regeneration.    

2. What's a common mistake people make when they're starting a fitness routine?

They think that they need to run on the treadmill or climb the elliptical for extender periods of time.  Not only is this very time consuming but it wastes away muscle decreasing your metabolism and vitality.  

3. How many times a week would you recommend someone workout?

If you want to see faster results I recommend 4-5 times a week on Handstand, and something lighter like yoga or walking on your "off" days.  I offer my clients homework for "in between" training days.  

4. What is your favorite piece of equipment to use while working out - if you have one?

I love using kettlebells in my training program and I find them to be quite versatile.  When KB swings are used in specific sequences they increase your VO2 max and release HGH.

5. What are the benefits of an at-home highly qualified personal trainer?

A certified personal trainer will accurately assess your baseline and tailor the workout to your personal goals while keeping you safe and injury free. And now it's super simple with Handstand :)

6. How do you keep in such great shape?

I definitely walk the talk.  I eat clean, stay hydrated, sleep well and work out 5-6 times.  I also keep a log of my experiences and progress and entirely switch my training program every 3-4 weeks to prevent adaptation. 

I am very result driven so I mainly perform high intensity workouts that are short, yet effective.  Yoga is also an important tool in my fitness because it lowers cortisol levels and keeps belly fat at bay.  This is why I often start or end my classes with a vinyasa flow. Many years of trial and error have led me to developed the "Warrior Body" system and I am committed to both staying in shape and bringing it to my clients.

7. What is one, or a few things, that you think people get wrong about trying to lose weight, or build muscle, or tighten up?

Women often believe that lifting weight will bulk them up.  Ladies, those body builders you see on magazines (e.g. Oxygen) spend hours at the gym and are likely taking steroids.

My training program is aimed at making clients leaner, agile and more defined, not huge.  I am so pleased to see more images on the media that support a healthier trend; "strong is the new sexy"  Another benefit of having a balanced muscle mass is that your metabolism increases and you naturally loose weight, even during your sleep.






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