Handstand Trainer of the Day: Brianna

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Brianna

Meet Brianna!

My Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle?

"Consistency and Positivity" 

Consistency is a key aspect, because when you hold yourself accountable, you are more likely to reach the goals you set for yourself. My tip would be to write out short and long term goals, so that you are continuously motivating yourself to work hard. My rule of thumb is to never miss a Monday workout; that way, you start your week off to an amazing start! 

It is super important to remain positive during the process and love what you are doing. You are living this lifestyle because you LOVE yourself, no other reason. A motto I like to use is: keep it fresh, get fit and stay fly! 

My Workout Style + Tunes I Love: 

My workout style is best described as Tough Love. It will challenge you, but I promise you won't hate it. You will have fun and love the feeling of accomplishing something so great by the end of the workout. I let them choose their workout tune of choice first, but if they let me choose it's a lot of old school and current hip hop, and basically anything that is upbeat and will motivate you to keep putting in work! My go to songs are Lose Yourself by Eminem, Monster by Kanye, and F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit by Jay-Z. 

When I'm Working With Someone New:

When I work with someone new, my priority is to make them feel comfortable as possible. I like to ask them what their current health and fitness habits and goals are so I can get to know them a bit more. I share mine as well. I find music as a great icebreaker as well and ask them what they would like to jam to during their workout. 

My Favorite Snack: 

I LOVE green apple slices with nutella and almond butter. YUMMY!

My Background in Health & Fitness: 

I grew up a very athletic kid playing volleyball and basketball. I have been personal training for 3 years. I started in San Diego where I went to school and received my bachelor's in Foods and Nutrition. I have trained all types of demographics from kids, athletes, young adults and business professionals!

Fun Fact About Me: 

I have an obsession with sneakers!! I love Reebok, Jordan and Converse Chucks. My favorites are Huraches, Air Max 90, Roshes, and Jordan retro 6, 7 and 11 low. 



*Brianna trains in and around the Los Angeles area*

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