Recipe: Healthy Easter Egg...

Recipe: Healthy Easter Egg...

Breakfast Popsicles!

Do you get a bit fed up of chocolate in the run up to Easter and wish you could feed the kids (and yourself) some healthier Easter treats?  This recipe could be your alternative! This super simple recipe is a great easy recipe for kids to make themselves or to be able to switch up if you have picky eaters (kid or adult) ! 

I made these in a fun Easter egg shaped mold to keep them seasonal for this time of year, but you could use any shape mold or if you prefer you can also make them up in an ice lolly mold instead.




  • 2 cups of Greek Yogurt*
  • Handful Granola
  • Handful Blueberries
  • Handful Raspberries

*I used 3 flavors of yogurt which gave these some really pretty colors, but you can use whatever flavor you prefer. For a really healthy treat, natural or greek yogurt is perfect because it doesn’t have any added sugar. Dairy free yogurt alternatives such as soy yogurt should also work for this recipe.


  • Egg shaped silicone mold
  • Lollipop or Cake Pop Sticks


  1. Place a small dollop of yogurt into each egg in your silicone mold, filling each egg to about a third.  Push chunks of granola into the yogurt, then add a few raspberries and blueberries to each egg too.
  2. Place a lolly stick into each compartment, laying it down as flat as possible.
  3. Fill each egg to the top with yogurt, making sure it covers all of the fruit and the lolly stick.
  4. Store any extra popsicles in an air tight container or bag in the freezer until ready to eat.

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