Little Changes - BIG Results

Little Changes - BIG Results

When it comes to our health, small changes can mean big results. The goal is to make changes that feel so trivial you barely notice they’ve changed your life. When we're able to look back at what has been successful, it’s NEVER been a massive change. It has been making small changes and allowing them to add up over time.

Say "Good Morning" with Lemon Water

Lemon water is easy to prepare and has awesome health benefits! 

  1. Boosts Your Immune System
  2. High in Pectin Fiber that directly helps you lose weight
  3. Balances PH
  4. Aids Digestion
  5. Natural Diuretic
  6. Hydrates the Lymph System
  7. Clears Skin

Try 'deskercises'

Avoid being a couch potato! Or rather, a work potato. There are waves of research that report having a more sedentary lifestyle puts you at increased risk of negative health effects compared to living a more active routine. Get moving, no matter how briefly. 

Chair squats: To work out those glutes, stand about 6 inches in front of your chair and lower yourself down until your butt hits the edge, then pop back up. Repeat.

Book press: To tone those triceps, grab the heaviest book you can find around the office. With your elbows overhead, hold the book behind your head. Slowly lower the book down by your neck and then extend your arms up. Remember to keep elbows close to your ears. Repeat.

Do a refrigerator makeover

When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to grab a quick and easy snack, which often isn’t the healthiest. Try putting the healthier foods front and center in your fridge, keeping the indulgent foods out of sight, and doing some prep work. The technical term for this is “choice architecture.” Instead of keeping the fresh fruits and veggies in the crisper, put them in clear containers at eye-level — those will grab your attention when you open the door. It’s also helpful to do a weekly inventory check. 


Treat yourself with a massage

Let go of the stress and treat yourself! The healing touch actually has some scientific backing. According to Mayo Clinic, studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate it’s an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s even used in physical therapy!

Buddy up or in our case...Trainer up

Find a personal trainer who holds you accountable to agreed workouts and meals. You see this system in weight loss programs all the time where you build a sense of community. Sharing your goals with others makes you want to achieve them!


Boost brain power with chocolate

Sounds too good to be true, right? Research shows you can increase your alertness by eating dark chocolate. That’s thanks to flavanols, which are key components in dark chocolates. They work in dilating blood vessels, which allows more oxygen and blood to reach important parts of the brain. You also feel happier and more content. Flavanols are also found naturally in tea leaves and in certain fruits and vegetables, but the amounts vary. Your welcome! 



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