7 Things to Remember While Getting in Shape

7 Things to Remember While Getting in Shape

7 Things to Remember While Getting in Shape



1. The more specific your goal, the better the results.

Lots of people want to get in shape, but the more specific the goal, the better chance you have of success. Having a specific goal allows you to measure your success more easily. It makes you aware of what more needs to be done and what is working versus what is not. A vague goal gives you a reason to make excuses; a more specific goal leads to success. 

2. But, go easy on your scale.

If you're trying to lose weight, it's good to keep yourself accountable with the scale, but don't weigh yourself every single day. Take a look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Do you feel healthier? Try to use a more personal scale to judge your progress, too. One overall goal we can all agree on is to feel our best.

3. JERF - Just eat real food.

If you increase your exercise, don't decrease your calories! You'll need fuel to power your body and keep it running as a fat-burning machine. Your body's smart, too! If you don’t feed it, it will feed itself by storing fat to power your demands on it. You don’t want to store fat! Eat (real) food!


4. See the whole you.

Don’t pick yourself apart. You are more than a collection of parts. Trying to fix one thing you think is “wrong” with your body through spot-specific exercise is only going to cause imbalances and more problems. You are a whole person with a whole body. Train your whole body.

5. Strength is power.

Feeling stronger is not only physically powerful, but emotionally powerful as well. Many of our customers find themselves more empowered, independent, and confident after improving their fitness and adding in strength training! Try it today on Handstand!

6. Find your own path, and accept that it will change.

What works for others may not work for you! Figure out how to achieve your fitness goals by linking up with a trainer (it's what we're here for) and listening to your own body. There is not one way that works. There are many ways that work for many people at many different times in their lives.


7. Know that you CAN.

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. While we all have thoughts of insecurity or fear, it’s important that we don’t stay there or act from that place! If you want your body to do something—get stronger, run farther, swing harder—you have to want it and know you can do it. Let doubt enter your mind, but also show it the door. Don’t linger on the less productive emotions.


Want more motivation and tips?

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