Handstand Trainer of the Day: Natalie

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Natalie

Meet Natalie!

My Workout Style & Tunes I Love: 

Challenging but balanced. I will push you outside of your comfort zone but I'll also help you unwind, relax and feel great in your body. I'm a huge fan of balance in every area of life including fitness! Some of my favorite songs to do yoga to are 'Fantasy' by Alina Baraz and 'Coffee' by Sylvan Esso. I love cool indie tunes with a good beat.

My (not so) Secret & Favorite Health and Fitness Tip:

Balance is key. Going to extremes will only leave you feeling burnt out and defeated. Listen to your body, take care of yourself, and always treat yourself kindly!

What I Like To Do When Working with Someone New:

When I start working with someone new, or meeting someone new, I like to get to know them personally. I also want to know what their goals are so we can work toward them in our sessions and accomplish them.

 My Favorite Snack:

Smoothies, green juice, or almonds! I'm not a huge snacker, but when I do, I like to reach for something that will fuel and energize me!

My Background in Health & Fitness:

I've been dancing almost my entire life. In college I studied Ballet and Contemporary dance. Dance led me to yoga 8 years ago and I've been practicing ever since. I love all kinds of movement, but there's nothing like a good yoga or dance class to get me feeling amazing. 

I'm also a certified Lifestyle and Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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