Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jonathan

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jonathan

Meet Jonathan!

My Background in Health & Fitness:

I grew up playing sports at a varsity level, and then I enlisted in the Israeli army as a paratrooper. After proving myself in my unit, I was rewarded with an opportunity to take an intensive 5 week "combat fitness instructor" course.

After the course, I became my unit's go-to fitness instructor and trainer. Managing the workouts and progress of over 100 soldiers changed the way I looked at fitness and working out.


My Workout Style Tunes I Love:

Intense, unrelenting, and rewarding. I love high-intensity circuits with functional exercises requiring advances coordination. However, everything has progressions and modifications for lower levels and injury-prone clients.
I love to listen to anything with the right bpm, but I frequent the 2000's rap/hip-hop station on Pandora.

My Favorite Health & Fitness Tip:

LOTS of fluids! From the moment you wake up, start sipping water. It will ensure you're at your best that day.

What I Do When Working With You:

Make you smile! So many people outside the fitness world think that trainers are all drill sergeants. It's always an honor to help someone actually enjoy their workout. Plus, they'll stick with it.

My Favorite Snack:

A crisp red apple and cashew butter.

Book Jon For: 

Strength Training

Tone Up - Butt, Legs & Core


Endurance Training


 Stretch & Recovery

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Handstand Trainer of the Day: Ashley

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