Handstand Trainer of the Week: Carla

Handstand Trainer of the Week: Carla

Handstand Trainer of the Week:


My Favorite Health and Fitness Tip:

Comparison is the thief of all joy; it is so important to feel good in the body that you are in. Just because a certain work out is popular doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Be open to trying new things and finding out which way your body likes to move. That is so much more important than just being skinny or having abs.

Be nice to yourself! The more you tell yourself you can’t have something, the more you want it! Focus on what you can do and have instead of can’t. Personally I believe it’s all about balance, the 80/20 rule works well for me. I don’t believe in 30 day challenges but in finding a lifestyle that fits you and that you can maintain for a lifetime! 

My Workout Style & Tunes That I Love: 

Meditation through movement. I love to keep a good flow in my classes and challenge my students. The music depends on my mood, Meghan Trainor, Emile Sande, Hozier, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, DNCE, Leon Bridges but I have also finished half marathons with 70’s disco music. 

What I Like To Do When I Meet Someone New:

Get to know you and your fitness background. Learn about your lifestyle, diet, injuries and what your goals are. 

My Favorite snack:

Avocado toast, almonds, smoothies, and a good glass of wine ;)!

My Background in Health & Fitness:

I got my yoga certification over ten years ago, to learn more about alignment and have taught classes in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Los Angeles. I love sports, swimming, cycling, hiking, climbing, running; and yoga helps me to enjoy all of those even more. 

Swimming is my favorite, I used to swim almost daily in the Mediterranean sea and its an amazing workout; the impact on the joints is low, it builds muscles, lung power, helps keeping blood pressure low and maintains proper glucose levels. So jump in! 

Handstand is a training on demand platform that allows even the busiest of people to get their workout in conveniently. We have a 10% acceptance rate and all of the trainers and instructors on our platform are background checked, screened, interviewed, and come to you!  

Download our iTunes App and book your first session. You can also log onto www.handstandapp.com and book by name.

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