Have Yet To Give Handstand A Try?

Have Yet To Give Handstand A Try?

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Give It A Go!


1. You’re New to Exercise! 

You may think it's more intimidating working with a trainer or instructor, but it's just the opposite! In fact, all of our trainers are hand-picked for the best time, every time. We make sure they're fun and encouraging, polite, and experienced. They're background checked, too! New workouts like Boxing, Yoga, Strength Training, or whatever you choose are very comfortable! Plus, without any judging eyes around, you're sure to feel like a natural. You can workout in the privacy of your own home, apartment gym, park, or at one of our partner gyms! Up to you.


2. You're Distracted Easily and Don't Continue Your Regimen

With a personalized trainer or instructor, you and your health are the only focus. Making appointments with your Handstand trainer will keep you on track - and it only takes one tap! We allow you to book a session just a couple hours before your desired time or months in advance. Whatever suits you. We also have a convenient Re-book button so you never lose your favorite(s)! Our memberships are set up for either once or twice a week - but you can increase/decrease your sessions as you see fit. Either way,  your results will always be astounding.

3. You've Reached a Plateau

Variety is king - and your body needs it. If you're a Crossfit King - you may need Yoga to break through a plateau. If you're a Pilates fanatic - maybe you need some Boxing to shake your muscles up and see that change you know you're capable of. Having a expert to train with can plow you through plateaus fast and bring new ideas to your routines so you can reach those goals! 


4. You're Struggling When You Know You Shouldn't Be

You're upset because you think by all this time, you should have your rock-hard abs, more shapely legs, more energy, or whatever it is! Here's where we can help. It could be a minor tweak, or maybe it's right under your nose, or maybe it could be something you never figured was wrong. We'll work with you and figure it out.

5. You’re Working Full-Time or Looking After Kids

Looking after children is a lot more than a full-time job and unless your gym has a baby-sitting area, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise and really get your body back. We also have Pre/Post Natal trainers and instructors! We always come to you so you can keep an eye on your little one(s) and get that perfect sweat in at the same time! 


6. You’re Time Poor

Long working hours are the norm! It's hard to achieve balance between your friends, your family, your work, your workout, traffic, and some much-needed time for yourself. Book a workout on demand and save yourself some time and gain some results. You can also invite some friends, it knocks out both!


7. You’re Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy is a tiring and busy moment in life! You want to keep a healthy and happy body, but maybe the last thing you want to do is leave your house. By booking a (prenatal) top trainer from Handstand to come to your home,  you don’t need to worry about anything else.



Give it go.

Book same day, or schedule in advance. 



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