Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jesse

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jesse

Meet Jesse

Personal Training, Yoga, Hip Hop, Athletics

My secret and favorite health or fitness tip:

 My secret is to make everything a game. Games are fun, and easy :) My tip: You can accomplish anything as long you already expect it of yourself.

My workout style and some tunes that I love:

I believe in Fusion training, which is to combine at least two different fitness or athletic disciplines into my routines - being a yogi and an athlete, I enjoy incorporating yoga methodology into strength training and circuit work. My music taste is all over the place, but I work out to Hip-Hop artists like Kanye West, Nelly and Ice Cube.

 What I like to do when I'm working with someone new:

I like to ask them all about what gets them motivated to do what they love to do. I do this because I know that most people won't love exercising as much as I do - so we have to find that spark to get them exercising with the same passion that fuels their life's work!

My favorite snack:

My favorite snack is any type of fruit!! My absolute favorites are bananas and mangos.


My background in health and fitness:

I grew up very cognizant of health concepts and developed a passion for nutrition, and ambitions to contribute to the fight against diabetes and other chronic illness. 

I then became certified as a personal trainer in my Junior year at Pomona College with the hopes of learning how to change my own body and develop as an athlete.

This became my way to help the general public learn to see being healthy and fit much more convenient as being sedentary. 

I managed to work my way to a college Varsity Basketball team as a walk-on, aid in the construction of an online fitness resource in the Dominican Republic, and work as a personal trainer at Equinox.

Let's get to it!


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