Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jackson

Handstand Trainer of the Day: Jackson

Meet Jackson!


 My Secret and Favorite Health Tip: 

1. Stay consistent... and MOVE! If you want something, or love it... pursue it!

2. Think future. (i.e. how does your health affect those you love around you? How does it the future, positively, change from choices you are making right now, every day.) 

3. Eat less sugar!

4. Avoid fast food, soft drinks, alcohol and sweets.

5. Get a workout partner to join you or us - this is someone to help you be accountable!

What I Like To Do When Working With Someone New:

1. Simple...TALK. The more you know about someone, the more relationships are built. You can discover likes, dislikes, injuries, stories that caused the injuries, goals, fears, gifts/talents, etc. That is exciting to me.

2. Also, assess your abilities. (some people try to go balls to the wall their first time out and it's not advised to do that. The body builds gradually, and you wouldn't try to run a marathon the first time you go running...so start low and slow and build to a more healthy you. It will pay off in the long run.)


My Favorite Snack: 

1. Healthy: Almond butter-Banana-Honey-Protein, Smoothie,


2. Unhealthy: Twix & a glass of milk

 What's unique about working out with me: 

1. I'm a comedy guy at heart, so I love to do impressions, make others laugh, be a goofball and dance horribly. 

2. I also can pull my shorts up really hi and I dare you not to laugh. (imagine: the whitest Steve Urkel Personal Training, and you are close.)

 My background in health and fitness:

 I was given a gym membership in 1998, and the gym has been my second home ever since.

I have worked at big corporate gyms, (24 Hour Fitness), "Mom and Pop" gyms, and trained clients independently. Fitness has always been a part of my life. My father taught me to play tennis, racket ball, and golf as a young boy, and I still enjoy them today. But nowadays, I mostly play Ice Hockey.

Today, I want to help others prevent future diseases caused by unhealthy living, as well as, alleviate stress, build confidence, and grow in abilities.


1. "There are no good or bad days, just days filled with GRACE."

2. "Practice make perfect, so be careful what you practice."

3.  "Everyone dies, but very few LIVE life." 

Handstand Instructor of the Day: Cyndie!

Handstand Instructor of the Day: Cyndie!

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