Handstand Trainer of The Day: Jasmine

Handstand Trainer of The Day: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine!

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Refreshing; Energetic

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 1. My Secret & Favorite Health/Fitness Tip:

I few years back I discovered that I had to stop working for results and instead just fall in love with the process of working out. Not only did this approach yield far better results, but I started to enjoy my fitness journey so much more. When you love the process, results will follow. This is my secret tip and I think if you start viewing your health and fitness in this way you will unlock a whole new field of possibility for yourself. I am here to help you fall in love with moving your body! 

2. What I Like To Do When I'm Working With Someone New:

The first thing I will want to do with you is find out more about you!

I will ask about things like your goals, sleep, experience with yoga, past injuries, other activities, stress levels, diet, and profession. Your answers to these questions will help me put together a unique workout made just for you and your goals.

There is a type of yoga for every body and I want to help you find your yoga!  

3. My Favorite Snack:

After my morning yoga practice there is nothing that I love more than an apple diced up and tossed into a bowl with greek yogurt, peanut butter, craisins, cinnamon, coconut flakes, and some flax. It's packed full of protein and fiber and it gives me just enough to refuel and move on with my day.  



4. What's unique about working out with me:

As an instructor, I really emphasize the connection that you have between your mind and your body. Whether this is achieved through short guided meditation before practice or pranayama (breathing techniques), you will feel a whole new connection to your body. I believe in starting from where you are in your fitness journey and learning to be content there before moving forward. While working out with me you will learn what it means to love yourself and love the present.

I will challenge you, but I will also give you the tools needed to create inner peace. 

5. My Background in Health and Fitness:

I was a performative and competitive dancer for 13 years. I studied ballet, pointe, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip hop, as well as some partnering. When I stopped dancing, I decided to pursue competitive sports to satisfy my need to move. I played water polo and swim for 2 years. I am always seeking some new adventure with my body, so next I moved into Olympic weightlifting and high-intensity workouts. Olympic lifting helped me realize my strength and gave me a whole new kind of confidence. 8 years later I am still doing it but now I am a yogini, too! Although I always stayed very active, I felt like I had lost the connection that I had to my body that I had when I used to dance. This need to re-connect with myself and slow down led me to yoga. I have been practicing for 4 years and I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Costa Rica in an intensive 30 day program. When you workout with me you will see influences from all of the different areas of fitness that I have been in.

Aside from my experience in physical fitness, I can also advise you on healthy and sustainable eating that will benefit your practice! 

6. Special injuries?

I have worked with many different injuries from torn UCL (elbow injury that many baseball players get), to lower back pain, injured shoulders, and weak knees/wrists. Pregnancy is definitely not considered an injury, but it requires a different type of fitness program and I have experience with that as well. As I said before, there is a type of yoga for every single body, including an injured body. The clients that I have worked with who had injuries all found that a routine yoga practice expedited their healing process.  

7. Favorite Motivation Quote:

"Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it, until you grow into the person who can."

Jasmine's Note To You:

Whether you are an experienced yogi, or whether you have never stepped on a mat in your life, I am here to get you know you and give you a yoga that will enhance your life. I believe that fitness should be approachable and non-intimidating. I am here to work with you and your body.

I can't wait to meet you and do some yoga together! 


Type in Jasmine's name on our website at www.handstandapp.com to find her profile and book a session in a tap! Or download our app, "Handstand" in your App Store! 

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