Getting Off Track Over The Weekends?

Getting Off Track Over The Weekends?

It's The Weekend...But Not So Fast.

During the work-week you’re good about sticking with your habits. You have eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, you book your workout sessions on Handstand, and smaller dinners at home for the most part. But Friday night through Sunday, we have more challenges to face like brunch, family gatherings, and events. Temptation is everywhere. 

We've gathered responses from our trainers:

Use these 6 tips to tackle the challenges!

1. Choose one. 

There’s nothing wrong with indulging on a weekend! Don't deprive yourself, but make smart choices so you treat yourself without ruining all your hard work week after week.

Example: If you’d love a Mimosa or Bloody Mary, order one — but then skip the pancakes in favor of egg whites with veggies.

2. Brag! 

When you’re gathered with friends, tell them how hard you’ve been working and brag about your insane sweat sessions or your greater range of motion and flexibility due to Yoga! Tell them you're also trying to eat well and ask for their support. 

Example: Say "I’ve been working really hard to lose five pounds, so if you see me overdoing it don’t be afraid to give me a little nudge!”

3. Eat breakfast before brunch.

Sounds wrong, but if you’re brunching at noon (or later) yet waking up at 9 a.m. and working out, it’s the best way to make sure you don’t overeat. It isn’t an OK to eat two full meals, but rather to chow down on something so that you’re not starving by the time you start brunch. Try some organic yogurt!


4. Sit when you eat.

Home all day = non-stop munching instead of eating real meals. It sounds harmless, but those little nibbles can add up quickly. No more eating in front of the refrigerator. Instead, take a few minutes to prepare a real meal or snack, and sit down in the kitchen or dining room while you enjoy it.

5. Add Variety  

If you normally workout alone during the week, add some variety over the weekend. Add some friends to your Handstand workouts, or try a new session type. If you're a regular Yogi - try a Bootcamp Session and if you're a Circuits lover, try some Boxing! You'll also have some conversion starters on your new experience. We have over 18 session types to keep you well-informed!


6. Think about it right now.

Take a moment right now to ponder your weekend plans so you can make some choices before you get caught up in the moment. Certainly allow yourself room to have that one special treat you wouldn't typically have during the week and you'll be golden. 

Example: Grab a beer and pass on the chips. 

Nothing can stop you now.   

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