Handstand's Trainer Of The Day: Eric

Handstand's Trainer Of The Day: Eric

Meet Eric!

Goal- getter; Personal Trainer; Boxer
Kickass; Encouraging; Transformative;
Corrective Exercise Specialist
On Handstand

My Favorite Health Trick:

When it comes to diet, it's keeping my favorite snack around: Almond Butter.
Excellent for weight control, but most people avoid nuts do to the high caloric count they have. However, the benefits includes a great source of protein, high in fiber, healthy fats, remember good fats = fat burns.  Its delicious and won't harm your blood sugar levels. 

  My Favorite Snack: 

Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich


    The trick: when craving simple carbs or a sugar try having a teaspoon of almond butter to kick that craving in the butt!
    When Working With a New Handstand Client:

I simply try to break the ice and find out what you enjoy. Yes, goals are important as well as identifying if the client is injured or has an imbalances witch most of us do.

I love to sprinkle in some fun time into our sessions. If there isn’t any laughter and excitement during an hour long session we are less likely to be consistent and stay on path with programming do to the simple fact that we are not enjoying the process.


The Unique Part About Working With Me:

I love a challenge and I love to win. As a trainer, my challenge ensuring that my client reaches his or her goal. Therefore, I treat my clients' goals as if it were my own. If you give me all you got, I'll meet you half way and give you all I got!
 Background in Fitness:

I've worked at many independent training gyms and have spent a lot of time with one-on-one private clients with numerous goals. I've completed thousands of sessions with all kinds of models, athletes, actors, teenagers, and seniors who've all reached their goals. 

Whether it's a goal or a just a great workout! Let's do it!

Injuries I Can Assist With: 

I'm currently certified in corrective exercise with hands on experience working in a physical therapy office.

Therefore, I am able to rehab and work with many injuries, such as:

Low back pain, shoulder injuries, i.e. torn rotator cuff, foot and ankle sprains as well as common knee injuries that could sometimes just be fixed with a proper squat.

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